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Trademarkia P.C. 's licensed patent attorneys and agents have filed hundreds of patent applications for companies of every size.


Trademarkia P.C. does not believe in cookie-cutter patent applications. Each invention is different and requires careful attention to make patent claims that can hold up in court.

Our experts work with you to meet your legal and business needs, to make sure you are informed and to make the process as seamless as possible.


Trademarkia P.C.'s commitment to leading-edge technology ensures that you not only get personalized attention, but that our patent services are fast and competitively priced.

Our secure Patent Dashboard puts all the information about your patent in one place, and our automated reminder system helps you keep on top of government deadlines.

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Do you have an idea or a fully working prototype? Either way, Trademarkia P.C. and our full patent services can guide you through the landscape of patent law, and help you get the patent protection you are entitled to.