Cease & Desist Service - Infringing Social Media Sites

Is someone squatting on your trademark rights by reserving a username on Facebook, Youtube, eBay, Twitter, or another social media site? Are customers being misled in thinking that someone else's business is yours? Let a licensed IP attorney in the Trademarkia network represent you in sending a Cease & Desist letter to infringing websites and/or social media sites. Click here to search if your trademark is squatted by someone else, and we can help you send cease & desist letter.

You are requesting to have an Attorney send a Cease & Desist letter on your behalf to

for the username

A licensed attorney at the law firm of LegalForce RAPC Worldwide in Mountain View, CA will represent you in this matter after a successful conflict check and after confirming that you have the legal rights to this name.

LegalForce RAPC


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