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My trademark is NOT abandoned!

This may be true if:

  1. You re-filed your trademark application under a different serial number. If you are not sure if you re-filed this trademark under a different serial number, please search to verify that your new mark is still active/live. You can do this by entering your name into the search box on If you don't know how to do this, email Trademarkia at or call Trademarkia at 877-794-9511 (International Callers: 650-390-6400).
  2. You are still using this trademark in interstate commerce. You may still have common law rights to your trademark, but your federal registration has likely gone abandoned. What does this mean? You can continue using your trademark in your local area where your mark is known, but others may try to re-file your name in a different part of the United States or world to use it in a geography where your mark is unknown. How do we know this? The federal trademark record for your trademark indicates its current status is abandoned. You can view official documents with the USPTO by clicking the link "View Documents" on the right hand column of a trademark details page indicated in the email we sent you.

If none of the above apply to you, your mark may have gone abandoned. Don't worry however! You should consider re-filing it with an attorney with whom you have a prior relationship. As long as nobody filed it in the interim, you may still be able to get your trademark re-registered. You can also request a re-filing through an attorney in the Trademarkia network for $399 + filing fee ($275 per class).

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