Fight the Opposition to your Trademark

Don't worry.

Oppositions to trademarks are often settled or won.

The time is now to evaluate what your best options are. An opposition to a trademark is filed in a short 30 day window of time by a private party, such as your competitors right before the United States trademark office was going to move your trademark toward registration. Do not worry, many oppositions can be won, or settled through a co-existence agreement. Trademarkia P.C. offers a straight-forward, cost transparent way to defend your rights in an opposition. We are experienced in helping you get a favorable outcome. In fact, more U.S. Trademarks are protected through Trademarkia P.C. than other websites on the Internet, and Trademarkia P.C. is the largest trademark law firm in the world.
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We Make It Easy

1. Honest Opinion of your Chances.

Learn the litigation tactics and your chances of success. An experienced U.S trademark attorney at Trademarkia P.C. will consult with you about your trademark litigation for up to 1 hour to discuss your options.

2. Flat Fee to Appeal if appropriate.

If it is recommended by your attorney and you decide to fight the Litigation, Trademarkia P.C. will charge $1200 to prepare an answer to defend your rights. The first phase of Litigation includes drafting an answer and/or negotiating a mutually agreeable settlement at your option.

3. Decide whether you want to fight.

Many oppositions are settled or dropped after Step 2. If you decide to proceed all the way through trial before the trademark office, you may need to budget over $10,000 in legal fees to fully defend your rights. We know this is expensive and is not affordable for many small businesses. We will fight to defend your rights and reach an amicable outcome so the dispute does not reach this stage whenever possible.

Note: Representation subject to a conflict check against existing clients of Trademarkia P.C.